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 ~~NOTOC~~ ~~NOTOC~~
 +====== X2Go - everywhere@home ======
 +<WRAP round important>​
 +===== A special welcome message to all potential commercial/​institutional users of X2Go ===== 
 +**Whether you're looking for an affordable Work From Home (WFH) solution, as part of your preparations for a second wave of Covid-19, or looking for a scalable Remote Desktop/​Remote Application solution for your regular business operations:​**
 +  * X2Go is both free-as-in-beer and free-as-in-speech,​ so give it a try!
 +  * No time- or feature-limited trial version, no restriction to personal/​non-commercial use only, no need to submit personal information before the download starts, no annoying sales calls!
 +  * Every download gets you the full version right from the start!
 <WRAP round download>​ <WRAP round download>​
-//**__Get X2Go__**//+===== Get X2Go =====
   * [[doc:​installation:​start|Installing X2Go (client/​server)]]   * [[doc:​installation:​start|Installing X2Go (client/​server)]]
-  * Download X2Go Client ([[https://​​releases/​binary-win32/​x2goclient/​releases/​​x2goclient-|Windows installer]] (XP and Later), [[https://​​releases/​X2GoClient_latest_macosx.dmg|OS X 10.and higher DMG]] or [[https://​​releases/​X2GoClient_latest_macosx_10_9.dmg|OS X 10.and higher DMG]])+  * Download X2Go Client ([[https://​​releases/​binary-win32/​x2goclient/​releases/​​x2goclient-|Windows installer]] (and Later), [[https://​​releases/​X2GoClient_latest_macosx_10_9.dmg|OS X 10.and higher DMG]][[https://​​releases/​X2GoClient_latest_macosx_10_11.dmg|OS X 10.11 and higher DMG]] or [[https://​​releases/​X2GoClient_latest_macosx_10_13.dmg|macOS 10.13 and higher DMG]]) 
 +  * Download X2Go Client nightly builds ([[https://​​releases/​binary-win32/​x2goclient/​heuler/​mingw32-4.8/​qt-4.8/​|Windows]] (untested)) ([[https://​​releases/​X2GoClient_nightly_macosx|OS X]] (untested, dependencies possibly older))
   * Download PyHoca-GUI ([[https://​​releases/​binary-win32/​pyhoca-gui/​releases/​​|Windows installer]] (XP and Later))   * Download PyHoca-GUI ([[https://​​releases/​binary-win32/​pyhoca-gui/​releases/​​|Windows installer]] (XP and Later))
 +<WRAP round help>
 +===== Get Support =====
 +In need of a Remote Desktop/​Remote Application solution, but not sure if X2Go suits your needs?
 +\\ In a hurry to get things up and running? Still confused after reading our [[doc:​newtox2go|quick intro to X2Go]]? ​
 +\\ If you're willing to spend some money in exchange for timely support, then check out our list of companies providing [[doc:​professional-support|commercial support]] for X2Go! 
 +\\ Looking for free support instead? Subscribe to the [[https://​​listinfo/​x2go-user|the X2Go-User]] mailing list and ask our community volunteers for help!
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
-====== X2Go - everywhere@home ====== +<WRAP round important>​
 ===== Announcements ===== ===== Announcements =====
 {{rss>​https://​​​maillist.xml}} {{rss>​https://​​​maillist.xml}}
 ---- ----
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 <WRAP round tip> <WRAP round tip>
-====== Di­sc­ov­er X2Go ­­======+===== Di­sc­ov­er X2Go ­­=====
   * [[doc:​newtox2go|New to X2Go? Start here!]]   * [[doc:​newtox2go|New to X2Go? Start here!]]
   * [[doc:​success-stories:​start|Success Stories]]   * [[doc:​success-stories:​start|Success Stories]]
Line 25: Line 46:
   * [[doc:​organigram|Who is who in X2Go]]   * [[doc:​organigram|Who is who in X2Go]]
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
 +<​newcolumn continue>​
 <WRAP round info> <WRAP round info>
-====== X2Go Documentation ​======+===== X2Go Documentation =====
   * [[doc:​start|Documentation start page]]   * [[doc:​start|Documentation start page]]
   * [[doc:​usage:​x2goclient|X2Go Client]]   * [[doc:​usage:​x2goclient|X2Go Client]]
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 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
- +</columns
-<newcolumn continue> +
 <WRAP round todo> <WRAP round todo>
-====== Participate ======+===== Participate ===== 
 +  * [[contact:​start|Overview on Community Communication]]
   * [[news:​latest-list-postings|Mailing Lists]] / [[wiki:​development:​join-the-team|Join the Team]]   * [[news:​latest-list-postings|Mailing Lists]] / [[wiki:​development:​join-the-team|Join the Team]]
   * [[wiki:​bugs#​reporting_bugs|How to report a bug]]   * [[wiki:​bugs#​reporting_bugs|How to report a bug]]
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 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
-<WRAP round help> 
-====== Get Support ====== 
-  * [[contact:​start|Overview on Community Communication]] 
-  * [[doc:​professional-support|Professional Support]] ​ 
-</​columns> ​ 
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