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-====== EnterpriseLibre ​Placeholder Page ======+====== EnterpriseLibre ====== 
 +EnterpriseLibre packages the world’s best open source software into a complete enterprise for small and medium-size organizations,​ accessible anywhere on virtual desktops using the x2Go software. More information:​
 +  * A short video demonstration of the system can be found [[https://​​rv9IIx1vkPQ|here]].
 +  * A System Description document, describing the architecture and design, is available on [[https://​​web/​20160808093920/​https://​​images/​b/​ba/​EnterpriseLibre-System-Description.pdf|here]].
 +  * Once supported by Cirrus Computing, now closed down, the code has been open sourced and is available on [[https://​​CirrusComputing/​EnterpriseLibre|GitHub]].
 +  * A copy of the Wiki is available on [[https://​​web/​20160808043129/​https://​​index.php/​Main_Page|here]].
 +A few volunteers from the X2Go team have kindly agreed to keep a copy of the project'​s data, and intend to resurrect it at a later time. In the meantime, this page serves as a placeholder.
 +If you are interested in EnterpriseLibre or have any questions, feel free to drop us a note at [[mailto:​]],​ or leave a message on one of [[news:​latest-list-postings|X2Go'​s mailing lists]].
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