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 ====== X2Go Live Download ====== ====== X2Go Live Download ======
-X2Go Live has not been startedyet. So there is nothing ​to download here, so farFIXME+X2Go Live is a planned project, there is nothing ​there yet (as of 2013-03-15). 
 +What it will do: 
 +  * provide a [[http://​|Debian Live]] system including X2Go client applications (x2goclient,​ pyhoca-gui, pyhoca-cli) 
 +  * provide the possibility to easily set up an X2Go Server from the X2Go Live CD/DVD 
 +  * provide an easy-to-configure tool that allows to test X2Go Server with X2Go Client both from X2Go Live CD/DVD set 
 +  * provide an easy-to-use tool that helps to install a Debian system with X2Go to the local harddrive using the X2Go Live CD/​DVD/​flashdrive as template
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