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 +====== X2Go at BioFrontiers Institute, University of Colorado ======
 +Here at BioFrontiers we have researchers doing all kinds of research from bioinformatics to molecular modeling. ​ Previously we'd stand up one-off VMs to handle a given piece of software needed for visualization. ​ When a need arose to have 40 concurrent connections to a single machine to use IGV (Interactive Genomics Viewer from the Broad Institute), we needed to find something that was low latency and low overhead. ​ Fast forward just about a year later, and we swear by X2Go now.  Its ease of setup and use for users means less hassle than VNC and port-forwarding,​ and the serverside performance is such that we can run all of our visualization software on far fewer machines than before!
 +- Jon DeMasi,
 +BioFrontiers IT
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