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   * Jan Engelhardt (X2Go for RPM-based distros)   * Jan Engelhardt (X2Go for RPM-based distros)
-  * Mike Gabriel (X2Go Package Repositories, ​Debian Developer) +  * Mike Gabriel (Debian Developer) 
-  * Clemens Lang (X2Go Client for Mac OS X, MacPorts Developer)+  * Mihai Moldovan ​(X2Go Package Repositories, ​X2Go Client for Mac OS X, MacPorts Developer)
   * Orion Paplowski (X2Go packages in Fedora)   * Orion Paplowski (X2Go packages in Fedora)
   * Oleksandr Shneyder, Michael DePaulo (Windows Installer)   * Oleksandr Shneyder, Michael DePaulo (Windows Installer)
   * Reinhard Tartler (Debian/​Ubuntu Developer)   * Reinhard Tartler (Debian/​Ubuntu Developer)
 +Former maintainers:​
 +  * Clemens Lang (X2Go Client for Mac OS X, MacPorts Developer)
 ===== Miscellaneous Contributors ===== ===== Miscellaneous Contributors =====
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