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 --- Announcement message --- --- Announcement message ---
-ToDo+Subject: Important - Action Required to Continue Your Subscription to 
 +Dear subscriber to <​LISTNAME>,​ 
 +as you may already know, BerliOS, where <​LISTNAME>​ is currently 
 +hosted, is closing down on April 30, 2014. 
 +We have prepared a new <​LISTNAME>​ mailing list on - but 
 +due to technical and legal constraints,​ we are unable to carry your 
 +subscription over to the new host automatically. 
 +So, if you wish to receive <​LISTNAME>​ messages after April 30, 2014, 
 +please go to http://​​listinfo/<​LISTNAME>​ and manually 
 +subscribe to the new <​LISTNAME>​ list available there. 
 +Kind Regards, 
 +The X2Go Listserv Admins
 --- End of Announcement message --- --- End of Announcement message ---
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