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stefanbaur [Raw Chat Log]
Line 271: Line 271:
 (14:02:48) Stefan Baur: h1Org1: are you logging via bot? Or should I take care of the log? (14:02:48) Stefan Baur: h1Org1: are you logging via bot? Or should I take care of the log?
 (14:02:59) h1Org1: so please cut here -----8<​---------------- (14:02:59) h1Org1: so please cut here -----8<​----------------
 +(A little extended version ...)
 +(14:03:35) h1Org1: *facepalm* - the bot wasn't online... what about the chatlog? :)
 +(14:03:44) Stefan Baur: h1Org1: I can provide it
 +(14:03:54) h1Org1: MeinNameIstRetro:​ Thank you so much!
 +(14:06:24) Stefan Baur: h1Org1 where should I paste it? E-Mail? Wiki? any special formatting tags?
 +(14:06:46) h1Org1: MeinNameIstRetro:​ I'll add it to our wiki page!
 +(14:07:22) Mihai Moldovan: tell me when you'r ready so I can power cycle the server
 +(14:08:05) Stefan Baur: Log has been pasted into the wiki
 +(14:09:18) Mihai Moldovan: anyone else?
 +(14:09:57) Mihai Moldovan: h1Org1: ping
 +(14:10:13) Mike#2: hold on
 +(14:10:17) Mike#2: let me shut down the VM
 +(14:10:20) Mike#2: japsand, right?
 +(14:10:37) Mihai Moldovan: yep
 +(14:10:55) ***Stefan Baur has to take care of a business customer now
 +(14:11:24) h1Org1: Ionic: chatlog ist on wiki page, I'm not logged in (japsand)
 +(14:11:25) Mihai Moldovan: okay, windows vm down
 +(14:11:30) Mike#2: ^
 +(14:11:50) Mihai Moldovan: rebooting
 +(14:12:26) Mike#2: btw, thank god for Debian backports
 +(14:12:34) Mike#2: I wish Ubuntu LTS releases had as good of a backports repo
 +(14:13:04) Mihai Moldovan: and everything'​s back
 +(14:14:28) Stefan Baur: mikedep333 - an issue Ionic had with his personal server could have been solved with Debian Snapshots (just advertising another cool Debian feature) ​
 +(14:16:10) Mike#2: lmgt
 +(14:20:07) Mihai Moldovan: okay, I'll be moving to bed, night
 +(14:23:53) Mike#2: (shocker)
 +(14:24:08) Mike#2: (That Ionic would go to bed so early.)
 +(14:24:30) Stefan Baur: his circadian rhythm is totally messed up 
 +(14:24:41) Mike#2: Ack
 +(14:24:56) Stefan Baur: I had him answer a phone call yesterday around the same time
 +(14:25:15) Stefan Baur: so he's basically transitioning between day/night shifts
 +(14:25:15) Mike#1: who wanted to know about nx-libs 3.6.x against X2Go?
 +(14:25:34) Mike#2: I thought it was an ideal way to test nx-libs 3.6.x.
 +(14:25:42) Mike#2: someone else thought it deserved more discussion
 +(14:26:11) Mike#2: Ionic objected (or I misread what he said, it may not have been an objection.,​)
 +(14:27:40) Mike#1: I have feedback from Orkun now via Skype. Something must have gone wrong.
 +(14:28:01) Mike#1: mikedep333: please note that 3.6.x has Ulrichs'​s new Xinerama approach now.
 +(14:28:08) Mike#1: So, X2Go Xinerama is broken.
 +(14:28:22) Stefan Baur: sunweaver: Time Zone fsckup maybe?
 +(14:28:38) Mike#1: (you can enable it server-side though, by adding "​+xinerama"​ to the X2GO_AGENT_DEFAULT OPTIONS in /​etc/​x2go/​x2goagent.onf
 +(14:29:00) Mike#1: UTC+1 vs. UTC+2 maybe.
 +(14:29:14) Mike#1: But yesterday,​he was aware of that.
 +(14:30:27) Mike#2: sunweaver, oh. I didn't know that it breaks X2Go Xinerama. I thought it merely didn't work with the new features.
 +(14:30:35) Mike#2: ok
 +(14:31:12) Mike#2: might nx-libs 3.6.x support (even if it is not the "​default version"​) be a feature for x2goserver and x2goclient
 +(14:34:34) Mike#1: we rescheduled the release of 3.6.x again.
 +(14:34:37) Mike#1: June 2016.
 +(14:34:47) Mike#1: We is Lee, me, Salva from Qindel.
 +(14:35:15) Mike#1: and surely it may have to be for of X2Go Server.
 +(14:35:27) Mike#1: And I'd say of X2Go Cleint ​
 +(14:35:54) Mike#1: nowadays, you have to create and update a xinerama.conf file in the session dir on the server.
 +(14:36:09) Mike#1: the xinerama.conf contains the geometry of the client-side session-Xinerama setup.
 +(14:36:51) Mike#2: oh
 +(14:37:03) Mike#1: with Ulrich'​s approach, Xinerama is ahdnled via XRandR and directly obtains all required info from the client-side XServer (through nxproxy)
 +(14:37:03) Mike#2: is that a limitation of 3.6.x as it exists currently?
 +(14:37:19) Mike#2: or is that a limitation of 3.5.0.x currently?
 +(14:37:28) Mike#1: 3.5.0.x is the limiting one.
 +(14:37:30) Mike#1: limited one
 +(14:37:51) Mike#1: as it requires the client (X2GO Client) to send over the xinerama.conf at runtime. Continuously.
 +(14:38:13) Mike#1: With Ulrich'​s approach, Xinerama setup changes (XRandR updates) are handled through X11 events.
 +(14:38:24) Mike#1: no polling and config pushing anymore
 +(14:38:32) Mike#1: the only thing that you have to do...
 +(14:39:01) Mike#1: X2GO Client starts X2Go Session and "​tells"​ x2gostartagent to add "​+xinerama"​ to the x2goagent options.
 +(14:39:04) Mike#1: done.
 </​file>​ </​file>​
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