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 ====== Welcome to the X2Go Wiki ====== ====== Welcome to the X2Go Wiki ======
-These are the **official** Wiki Pages of the [[http://​|X2Go]] terminal server project. As this is a wiki web, you can register yourself to the system and create content. You should be aware that this wiki is used for documentation so please don't use it for advertising,​ spamming or defamation. \\ +===== Site Map of X2Go Wiki Area =====
-This wiki is based on [[http://​|dokuwiki]] with some additional plugins. The sytnax of the wiki pages can be found here: [[http://​​syntax|syntax of dokuwiki]].\\+
-===== User & Developer Topics =====+{{indexmenu>​.:#​1|context}}
-The complete wiki structure (as provided/​suggested by the developers) can be viewed here: http://​​doc:​wiki:​structure. ​+===== Help us with our X2Go Wiki =====
 +A menu tree with all pages of the wiki namespace is shown below.
-{{ :​wiki:​litte-phoca.png?​200 |}} +A list of orphaned pages can be viewed ​[[wiki:link-orphans|here]], a list of wiki pages with FIXME markers can be viewed ​[[wiki:fixme-entries|here]].
-[[wiki:components:​start|Basic Components]] +
-  * [[http://​​doku.php/​wiki:​components:​x2goclient|X2Go Client]] +
-  * [[wiki:​components:​x2goserver|X2Go Server]] +
-  * PyHoca [[wiki:​components:​pyhoca-gui]], [[wiki:​components:​pyhoca-cli]] +
-  * [[wiki:components:​desktop-bindings|Desktop Bindings]] +
-  * [[wiki:​components:​desktop-sharing|Desktop Sharing]]+
 +These are the **official** Wiki Pages of the [[http://​|X2Go]] terminal server project. ​
-{{ :​wiki:​litte-phoca.png?​200 |}} +===== X2Go Wiki Signing Up =====
-[[wiki:​components:​start|Misc Components]] +
-  * [[wiki:​components:​x2goplugin|X2Go Browser Plugin]] +
-  * [[wiki:​components:​x2goadmincenter|X2go Admin Center]] +
-  * [[wiki:​components:​printing|X2Go Printing]] +
-  * [[wiki:​components:​desktop-branding|Desktop Branding]] +
-  * [[wiki:​components:​tce|Thin Client Environment]]+
 +If you want to contribute content to this wiki, please apply for an account like this:
-{{ :wiki:​litte-phoca.png?200 |}} +<​code>​ 
-[[wiki:advanced:​start|Advanced Setups]] 
-  * Advanced Setups +Subject: New wiki account for <​first-name>​ <​last-name>​ 
-  * Setup of Multi-Node Environments (PostgreSQL,​ LDAP, CUPS, TCE-Hardware,​ GPG-Card Readers, etc.+Body
-  * Advanced Thin Client Environment+"""​ 
 +Please create a wiki account for me.
-{{ :wiki:litte-phoca.png?​200 |}} +First name<​your-first-name(s)>​ 
-[[wiki:development:​start|Development]] +Last name<your-last-name>​ 
-  * Debugging/​Troubleshooting +Account name: <your-wiki-login>​ 
-  * Roadmap +GPG-Fingerprint<​your-gpg-fingerprint-(optional)>​ 
-  * Project Planning +"""​ 
-  * Join the Team +</​code>​
-  * Git +
-  * Nightly Builds +
-  * Build Environment +
-  * Translation+
 +The account will then be created for you within the next couple of days. If a GPG fingerprint has been provided, your initial password will be sent to you in an encrypted mail. If no GPG-fingerprint is given, an unencrypted mail with your initial password will be sent to you. 
-{{ :​wiki:​litte-phoca.png?200 |}} +Either way, please change the initial password immediately after retrieval.
-[[wiki:​security:​start|Security]] +
-  * Security Evaluation of X2Go+
-{{ :​wiki:​litte-phoca.png?​200 |}} 
-  * nx-libs 
-  * python-x2go 
-===== Help us with our X2Go Wiki ===== 
-This wiki is not something written __for__ you, it is written __by__ you (and me... and him... and her... -> i.e. by the X2Go community). So please, help us to improve this site, so everyone has benefit from X2Go and a good documentation of the project components. 
--> **[[:​register?​do=register|X2Go Wiki Registration for Everyone]]** 
-An overview about all pages can be viewed via our Wiki's [[http://​​wiki:​start?​do=index|site map]]. A list of orphaned pages can be viewed [[:​link-orphans|here]],​ a list of wiki pages with FIXME markers can be viewed [[:​fixme-entries|here]]. 
-===== Site Administration Topics ===== 
-  * [[wiki:​development:​webserver-stats|Web server stats]] 
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