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 ===== Upcoming Events ===== ===== Upcoming Events =====
-==== Linuxtag 2013 ==== +==== As-of-yet-unnamed community event at Treuchtlingen,​ Germany (tentative date: 2015-05-08 - 2015-05-10, subject to change) ​==== 
-  * 4 People as booth team needed (May 22nd till 25th)+More info to come...
-==== Google Summer or Code 2013 ==== +==== Linux-Infotag Augsburg, Augsburg, Germany (2015-03-28) ​==== 
-  * [[events:​gsoc2013|Read more...]]+More info to come...
-===== Upcoming Workshops ​Trainings ​=====+==== Chaos Computer Club Stuttgart, Germany (2015-02-12) ​==== 
 +We will be giving a talk (in German, once again) at the Chaos Computer Club Stuttgart'​s monthly open lecture event, taking place at the Stuttgart Public Library. The topic will again be the various use cases of X2Go, shown using some real-world examples. 
 +German description is here: http://​​events/​201502-x2go/​ 
 +More info to come... 
 +===== Past Events ===== 
 +==== 2014 ==== 
 +==== Hobby & Elektronik, Stuttgart, Germany (2014-11-20 - 2014-11-23) ==== 
 +Stuttgart'​s [[http://​​|Linux User Group]] had a booth at the [[http://​​hobby/​|Hobby & Elektronik]] fair and presented [[wiki:​advanced:​tce:​install|X2Go-TCE]] and the [[doc:​deployment-stories:​electronic-glovebox|Electronic Glovebox]], amongst other things. 
 +(Hover over the pictures for an explanation of what you see ...) 
 +{{:​events:​big_tux_on_top_x2go_posters_on_wall.jpg?​300|Big Tux on top, posters explaining X2Go use cases on the wall.}} 
 +{{:​events:​booting_up_the_fanless_thinclients.jpg?​300|Booting up the X2Go-TCE ThinClients ...}} 
 +{{:​events:​phoca_on_left_fanless_x2go_server_on_table.jpg?​300|Phoca poster on the left, fanless X2Go TerminalServer on the table}} 
 +{{:​events:​two_more_fanless_x2go_thinclients.jpg?​300|Two more fanless X2Go-ThinClients (NFS-booted X2Go-TCE)}} 
 +{{:​events:​x2go_client_on_windows_xp_next_to_fanless_electronic_glovebox_with_x2go_server.jpg?​300|X2Go Client on Windows XP, Published Application Mode, next to a fanless Electronic GloveBox as X2Goserver}} 
 +==== Booth & Talk @ IT-Kongress,​ University of Applied Sciences, Neu-Ulm, Germany (2014-11-13) ==== 
 +:!: Note that this talk was in German. 
 +Title: X2Go - an OSS Remote Desktop and how it is used in companies 
 +Various users and contributors to the project talked about and/or demoed their individual use cases. 
 +The X2Go team was represented by Heinz-M. Graesing (h1), as well as Mihai Moldovan (ionic) and Stefan Baur. 
 +Congress homepage including agenda is here: [[https://​|https://​]] 
 +University homepage is here: https://​​ (German), https://​​en/​home/​ (English) 
 +According to a [[http://​​ulm/​lokales/​ulm_neu_ulm/​Besucherrekord-bei-IT-Kongress-an-Hochschule;​art4329,​2899843|local newspaper report]] (German), there were roughly 260 attendees to the event, out of which about 50 decided to listen to our talk. 
 +A raw video of the talk is now available [[http://​​upload/​tmp/​allinone-rotated.mkv|here]]. 
 +Thanks to Juri Grabowski for the recording and to Mihai (ionic) for the postprocessing. 
 +==== Meet the X2Go Devs at IBM Ehningen, Germany (2014-11-05) ==== 
 +Oleksandr '​Alex'​ Shneyder, Mihai Moldovan, and Stefan Baur will represent the X2Go team at IBM's "​Increase your business performance with Linux on Power (German)"​ event at IBM Ehningen, Germany. See http://​​events/​idr/​idrevents/​register.action?​meid=19136&​ieid=12189 for details. ​ Note that we will not be holding a talk, but feel free to walk up to us and ask us questions during the breaks and during the hands-on sessions in the afternoon. 
 +{{ :​events:​dsc00612_1600.jpg?​300 |}} 
 +==== X2Go: The Gathering 2014 @ Linuxhotel ==== 
 +**Date: 2014-10-31 to 2014-11-02** 
 +Three-day event at http://​ (for conditions, see: https://​​community.html / http://​​community.en.html,​ Essen ("work and play" gathering; grid power, wifi, hotel style rooms, youth hostel-like service, recreational facilities available, sightseeing tours/group entertainment available in the evening) 
 +{{http://​​bilder/​slides/​01.jpg?​300|Linuxhotel}} {{http://​​bilder/​slides/​20.jpg?​300|Linuxhotel Conference Room}}  
 +{{:​events:​pdrm0114.jpg?​300|Saturday Afternoon: Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex, Guided Tour}} {{:​events:​pdrm0122.jpg?​300|Saturday Evening: Dinner at Unperfekthaus,​ Essen}} 
 +[[events:​x2go-gathering-2014|Read more...]] 
 +==== X2GoHackTrain 2014 - cancelled :-( ==== 
 +Thanks to German Rail retiring (in Blade Runner style) the heritage railbusses from service, there will be no X2GoHackTrain in 2014. :'( Had they been available, a combination of train ride, BBQ at a lake side, and an optional short hike would have been planned. 
 +Replacement Event: X2Go: The Gathering 2014 @ Linuxhotel (see above) 
 +==== X2Go on FLOSS Weekly #295 (2014-05-21) ==== 
 +Our two Mikes (Gabriel|DePaulo) were interviewed about X2Go by the famous Randal L. Schwartz ([[https://​​merlyn|merlyn]]) and equally famous Randi Harper ([[https://​​freebsdgirl|freebsdgirl]]) on the //<​nowiki>​FLOSS Weekly</​nowiki>//​ Netcast: http://​​floss295 
 +{{  http://​​files/​imagecache/​slideshow-slide/​spiros_floss_0295png.png?​300 |Randal L. Schwartz, Randi Harper, Mike#1, Mike#2}} 
 +If you're having trouble watching the embedded video on that page, try one of these links: 
 +  * [[http://​​pts/​redirect.mp4/​​video/​floss/​floss0295/​floss0295_h264m_1280x720_1872.mp4|HD Video]] 
 +  * [[http://​​pts/​redirect.mp4/​​video/​floss/​floss0295/​floss0295_h264m_864x480_500.mp4|SD Video, large]] 
 +  * [[http://​​pts/​redirect.mp4/​​video/​floss/​floss0295/​floss0295_h264b_640x368_256.mp4|SD Video, small]] 
 +  * [[http://​​pts/​redirect.mp3/​​audio/​floss/​floss0295/​floss0295.mp3|Audio only]] 
 +==== 2013 ==== 
 +=== X2GoHackTrain 2013 (2013-09-15) === 
 +Sadly, neither Heinz nor Alex were able to make it to the 2013 event, but Mihai was back, and Mihai and Stefan were joined by a few fellow Linux/X2Go enthusiasts from [[http://​|LinuxHaus Stuttgart]]. This time, we had the entire dining car for ourselves as our rolling party location, and after having lunch in the station diner again, we got a guided tour around the stables and horses of the [[http://​​pb/,​Lde/​Startseite/​Service/​English+Site|state-run stud farm.]]  
 +It seems that nobody remembered to take pictures, though. :-( 
 +=== DebConf 2013 === 
 +{{http://​​media/​debconf13/​X2Go_Terminal_Server_Suite_and_Debian.1-1.jpg?​300|Mike Gabriel}} 
 +[[http://​​pub/​debian-meetings/​2013/​debconf13/​webm-high/​960_X2Go_Terminal_Server_Suite_and_Debian.webm|Talk on X2Go]] by Mike Gabriel (August 2013) 
 +=== Google Summer or Code 2013 === 
 +The X2Go Project did not get accepted for GSOC2013 :-( 
 +==== 2012 ==== 
 +=== X2GoHackTrain 2012 (2012-09-30) === 
 +X2GoHackTrain 2012 started out as a plan for a company-sponsored BBQ for the X2Go core developers. 
 +During the initial planning stages, it turned out that Alex (X2Go Co-Founder) would not be able to attend during summer due to his personal commitments,​ and by the time he would be able to attend, temperatures would be too low for an enjoyable BBQ. 
 +So, X2GoHackTrain to the rescue: As the owner of the company that wanted to sponsor the BBQ is also a member of a volunteer organization that maintains a heritage Diesel railbus, the decision was made to gather inside the train, have lunch together at a railway station diner along the way, and visit a car museum.  
 +Participants in 2012 were: Heinz-M. Graesing (X2Go Co-Founder),​ Alex (X2Go Co-Founder),​ Mihai (X2Go Mac/Win Co-Developer until Mike#2 took over), Stefan (owner of BAUR-ITCS UG and sponsor of the event) 
 +(From left to right: Alex, Stefan, Heinz)
-==== X2Go Basic Installation Workshop ==== 
-  * Beginning June 2013 in [[http://​​Bilder.109.0.html|Treuchtlingen]] (more information soon [[mailto:​|contact Heinz]]) ​ 
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